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Hunts at  Liddieville Duck Camp

We are located on the Boeuf River about 10 miles west of Winnsboro, LA. Liddieville Duck Camp is one of the most prolific hunting properties in this region. Our property is made up of almost 1,200 acres, and is home, in any given year, to approximately 1,000 deer.

Our property is bordered by three miles of the Boeuf River, forming a deep solitude that deer find irresistible because of the abundant food sources and lack of hunting pressure. It has been managed intensely since 2018 to prepare it for your "hunt of a lifetime."

Liddieville Duck Camp is set up for a variety of hunters from families who want to enjoy the comfort of a spacious box stand overlooking a planted food plots, to the ultimate bow hunter in an oak flat hunting a lock on. A hunter can expect to see 10-15 deer during a hunt, with a balanced age structure on the bucks. Several 120’s and 130’s have already been taken from the property and we cannot wait to see what else comes out of it.

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Duck & Deer Hunts

Our duck hunts are conducted in December and January. Most of our hunts take place in flooded agricultural fields and some flooded timber, and usually have easy access, which makes it great for kids. We only hunt ducks in the mornings, but have plenty of things to do in the afternoons.

One awesome activity for our duck hunters to participate in during the afternoons and evenings after a morning duck hunt is getting to climb into a tower stand and harvest a mature whitetail doe.

Inshore & Offshore Charters

Offered through Catch & Kill, Captain Teddy guarantees a good day on the water.

Inshore charters include targeting: speckled trout, redfish, tripletail and sheepshead.

Offshore charters target billfish, tuna, and red snapper.

*Sportsman Sourced memberships are not required for a fishing trip with Capt Teddy.

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